The Club held the Ladies J8 Singles Championship and J8 Men Pairs Championship 25th January. As we now have very few junior players (8 years or less playing experience) there was only 2 ladies Evelyn Bradley (7th year) and Kath Johnson (2nd Year) and 2 men’s teams entered, Mike Reddy, Brian Cox and Don Lilly, Hilton McCarthy. The format for the singles was 4 bowls, 21 shots or 1 ¾ hours, no time limit for the final/possible final and the Pairs 18 ends 1 ¾ hours, no time limit for the final/possible final. In the Singles Bradley showed her experience by winning both her games and taking out the 2019-20championship title. Well done Kathy for giving it a crack we all have to start somewhere.
In the men’s J8 Pairs the 1st game was very close with the scores 14-13 to Lily at the 13 end and they then went on to win 18-15. The next round was a final/possible final with Lilly and McCarthy playing great bowls to defeat Reddy & Cox and take out the 2019-20 championship title.

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