The Club recently held the Men’s Championship Singles with a full green of 16 players. The format was 21 shots or 1 ¾ hours, no time limit for the final/possible final. At the end of the 1st day’s play 5 players remained to go onto the 2nd day. Sam Allison 2 lives had a bye, Peter Dorreen v Paul Huxtable Dorreen winning 22-17 and Marty Doak v Lloyd (Matches) Matthews in a very thrilling game Matthews came through 21-20, both winners going on to the next round. Allison v Matthews with Allison maintaining his 2 lives winning 21-17. Dorreen had a bye. The next round was a final possible final (no time limit) Dorreen’s years of experience showed winning by a comfortable margin. The final saw some great bowls by both players but with Dorreen getting away to a good lead earlier in the match but Allison fought back getting to within 2 shots 18-20 but to no avail with Dorreen taking out the 2019-20 Singles title 21-18. Of note Allison has only just joined our Club and his future with us looks good. “Welcome Sam”
Our next open tournament is the any combination “Skog” Bunting Memorial Triples on Saturday 9th November. This is our Major Tournament with lunch supplied.  Any teams wishing to enter please phone tournament convenors Mike Reddy 408 2556 or Alan Thom 021 0232 7330 or put team names on board. Entries can also be made on this website
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