Far North RSA News Report Club Championship Men’s Singles
There was a full field for the Championship and after some great games was reduced to 5 players at the end of the 1st day’s play. Marty Doak 2 lives, and 1 lifers Mike Reddy, Peter Dorreen, Paul Huxtable & Barry Allison. 1st round for the second day Reddy eliminated Dorreen and Huxtable eliminated Allison. Doak had a bye. 2nd round Marty defeated Huxtable in a close match 18-14 with Reddy having a bye. Final/Possible Final 21 shots and not time limit saw a great game of bowls between the Doak & Reddy, Doak with over 30 years’ experience and Reddy with 6 years. At the 12th end the score was 11 all, Reddy then going ahead 16-13 at the 17th end. Doak then scored a full house (4 shots) to take the lead 17-16. In the penultimate end Reddy held the lead by one 19-18 but Doak showing all his experience scored 3 shots to take the Championship title 21-19. A great match which kept the good number of spectators enthralled throughout.
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