Far North RSA Bowling Club News Report
The Club held the annual Women’s Singles Championship. There were six entries Joanne Milich, Evelyn Bradley, Reo King-Bennetts, Pat Haines, Mavis Topia and Liz Muru.
Once again the weather was very hot with only a slight breeze. The format was 1st to 21 shots 1 or 3/4hrs.
At the end of the days play there were only two survivors Jean Huxtable (2 lives) and Liz Muru (one life).
The second day was a final/possible final with no time limit. In a remarkable game of two halves that kept the spectators captivated by the great bowls played by both players with Jean in the lead 16-6 at the 12 end. Liz did not give up and went on to win the next 7 ends to lead 20-16 needing one more shot to take out the title but Jean’s years of experience came to the fore to score on the next 3 ends to take out the Women’s 2018-19 Championship title this being her 1st title at the RSA Bowling Club.
Thank you Jean & ladies who looked after the kitchen, Selwyn Match Controller & Umpire, Ian for preparing the green. Also thanks to the good turnout of spectators who witnessed some great bowls.

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