Far North RSA Bowling Club News Report
The club finalised the annual RSA National Elimination Triples. This tournament is to find the team to represent the Far North RSA at the RSA Nationals held this year in Nelson.
There was a good entry of 11 teams entered back in September but because of bad weather the 2nd day had to be postponed until 28th January with four teams remaining. Barry Allison, Alan Thom, Trevor Smith (with 2 lives) and one lifers Peter Dorreen, Paul Huxtable, Val Jones. Greg Taylor, Ian Macnee, Toto Thompson. Marty Doak, John Hodgson, Kevin Briscoe. The 1st round of the day Allison eliminated Macnee and Dorreen did the same to Doak. This left a final/possible final of 18 ends and no time limit between Allison and Dorreen. In a great game of bowls in very hot conditions Dorreen was leading at the half way mark 11-6 but Allison then scored on the next 4 ends to take the lead 14-11 and then went on to win the match 18-15. Thanks to Kevin for setting out the rinks and to Tupu for running the tournament.
PLEASE NOTE: The club has the Fulton Hogan Any Combination Triples on Saturday 24th of February. This date was omitted from the Centre Handbook. Entries to  Selwyn at matchconvenor@farnorthrsabowls.co.nz or 027 9779 637, 408 3098
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